Among the wide variety of legal publications in Ukraine, only a few are devoted to international law. Among them is the authoritative "Ukrainian Chronicle of International Law", which has the classic format of a scientific publication. We can state a certain deficit of such publications, which would be one of the forms of development of contacts between experts in the field of international law of Ukraine and other states.

We bring to the court of international lawyers a slightly different than usual format of a specialized ongoing publication - the Almanac format. Among the differences of this publication from existing ones is the variety of headings and materials that will be published on the pages of the Almanac; flexible approach to the volume and form of materials: the only criterion is the quality of the article; mainly the thematic nature of individual issues; the absence of restrictions in the frequency - at least twice a year. Along with the articles, we plan to maintain a regular column of annotations and abstracts of publications on international law; publish reviews of monographs and textbooks on international law; provide information on the defense of dissertations in international law.

Our goal is to issue a truly international journal, not only on the subject, but also on the composition of the authors. Already on the pages of the first issue are articles by scientists from Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Latvia. And this is just the beginning. The editorial plans are to attract authors from foreign countries. Therefore, the policy of the journal’s editors with respect to the language in which the articles are submitted will be quite democratic: Ukrainian, English, German, French and Polish.

The main tasks of the Almanac are: disseminating information on international legal research conducted in Ukraine and abroad; familiarization with the problems of international law of domestic lawyers working in the field of domestic law; popularization of international law among law students.

We sincerely invite everyone to fruitful cooperation on the pages of the Almanac, which should be another important milestone on the path to the successful development of the science of international law in Ukraine.


 Regards, Head of the Editorial Council